Joyful Jerky Beef Filets 3.25oz

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Joyful Jerky for dogs start with cage-free chicken breasts or ranch-raised beef rounds, which are thinly sliced, and then air-dried to savory perfection. They're a delicious way to show your dogs how much you love them during snack time, or anytime really.

Jerky Bites are bite-sized scrumptious bits of jerky that are great for small dogs (large dogs are quite fond of them too) or used as training treats. Jerky Filets are larger pieces of jerky that are a deliciously chewy treat for medium to large dogs, but are easy to break into smaller pieces for dogs on the more petite side.

Our Joyful Jerky chicken and beef bites and filets are all 100% human grade and contain no ingredients from China.

Guaranteed Analysis

Beef bites and filets:

• Protein: 69%

• Fat: 6%

• Fiber: 1%

• Moisture: 18%

Chicken bites and filets:

• Protein: 71%

• Fat: 10.5%

• Fiber: 1%

• Moisture: 16%

BEEF BITES AND FILETS: Beef, salt, celery juice powder

CHICKEN BITES AND FILETS: Chicken, salt, celery juice powder
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